The best carpet and rug cleaning you have ever seen! Hot water DEEP extraction deodorizes carpets! Also available, low moisture encapsulation cleaning for dry time in about an hour.

We use the Rotovac 360 to clean your carpets.

Most cleaners use a manual extraction wand

  • Cleans from only two directions (back and forth) with a couple of cleaning passes
  • Relies on strength and energy of the worker
  • Leaves many tough stains and shadowing in the carpet

We use the Rotovac 360®!

  • Cleans from all directs with hundreds of cleaning passes
  • High torque motors do not get tired so the quality is consistent throughout the entire job
  • Restores matted traffic areas and removes tough stains and shadowing that the manual wand leaves behind

Rotovac 360 detailed picture for cleaning carpets